“Art has always been an extension of language. Words are not enough. When people need to express themselves; they go beyond words and find art. The same way Instagram and Blogs inspired millions of photographers & writers, Dreame allows us each to become an artist and show off our creations with items we wear, hold and frame,” says CEO of Dreame Sharonna Karni Cohen.

It all started when...

Sharonna was slightly fed up by her endless news feeds of selfies and photos of cats. She desired a new way to express herself. As a non-artist; i.e. someone who failed in cutting around the edges when she was 7 years old, she felt it made sense to connect between artists and imaginers. 

Dreame is a community for thinkers, creators and visionaries that make this world all the more wonderful. We thank all the dreamers and artists for supporting global creations. Each commission contributes to the successes of co-creators all over the world.

 From Haaretz, International Herald Tribune

From Haaretz, International Herald Tribune

Meet some of our artists
More here: http://instart.dreame.me/

Einat Moglad
Tel Aviv

Nico Martinez
Buenos Aires

Tatiana Boiko