Creating with our imaginations.


We are all creators and dreamers. Let’s explore the depths of our imaginations. Expressing our true selves is also healing and cathartic.


"I was running from/trying to escape something with a group of people, some of their faces were familiar, others were not. It was dark and we were frantically making our way through a series of obstacles (land and water). I don't remember much of the land obstacles but they were abstract. The majority of what we had to get through were big bodies of water. A person (not familiar) was carrying me at the head of the group through much of it. We would have to just into the water, swim, climb through things, sometimes we would find an old boat that we could travel in through sections of the water. Everyone was scared but were were able to laugh every now and then. We were talking almost the whole time too. The water was filled with sharks and other huge creatures. *my knowledge of sharks was extensive" 

Chloe Simmons

"Characters were me and the rest of the humans on this planet. We were located in the valley somewhere. We were walking around at night, and then all of the sudden Google projected the stars in the sky, their names, their meaning, and other space calculations in the sky so that the planet could better understand math, science, and space. It was after dark, and the sky was glowing with information. We were feeling smart and in awe that something could project that far into the sky."

Kimberly, Innovation Endeavors  

I'm walking through endless palm trees on smooth white marble. There is a waterfall in the distance and a full moon in the sky.


Joseph Potischman

"Talent can pop up anywhere in the world; it is not just one city block". Niklas Zennstrom. "I read this quote and the first thought that occurred to me is what is talent? What makes people different. In my point of view talent is imagination; no matter where are you from in the world, it is all about how far you will imagine and work with your imagination and make things simply different."