Inspiration comes in all sorts


In the 17th century kings and queens were posing by their seven course meals with their poodles and children for artists. Today anyone can commission an artist and the inspiration ranges from REM dream to your favorite quote from a movie. 



The dream is about a really good party that takes place on the moon with strange people that are very happy and there is music and dancing and you can see earth far far away. Feel free to go wild.

Assaf Merchavi

"A a farewell present I want to give to my manager.  I want this painting to represent my appreciation for his guidance and for his believing in me, sometimes, even more than I believed in myself. I want it to represent the duality of being a guiding mentor, while providing me with full freedom and independence.  I mostly loved your black&white paintings (less the blue and red). It should be "soft" and pleasant, "rounded" with no "sharp edges".

Limor Lahiani

“I am a slightly obsessed massive fan of David Bowie. A piece of art based on one of his songs (and one of my favourites) would be fantastic: Sound & Vision. Here are the lyrics: “Don’t you wonder sometimes about sound and vision Blue, blue, electric blue That’s the colour of my room Where I will live Blue, blue Pale blinds drawn all day Nothing to do, nothing to say Blue, blue I will sit right down, Waiting for the gift of sound and vision And I will sing, waiting for the gift of sound and vision Drifting into my solitude, over my head Don’t you wonder sometimes about sound and vision”. 

Barbara Muehleisen