Dreame is empowering the imagination through personalised, one-of-a-kind works of art. Pick from our selection of 500 international artists, each with their own personal style and aesthetic. Turn your stories, memories, fantasies, photos, Instagram profiles, favorite songs, quotes or anything you can dream up into art. 

Your artwork can be printed on any surface you desire to inspire you every day. 

Create art. Hold art. Inspire art.


Danny Gaynor, Portland

Dreame is phenomenal. I commissioned this killer custom piece because I: A) grow tomatoes B) like space and C) live in Oregon. Also a great gift opportunity.  

happybirthDay (2).png

Anna Morgan, BRooklyn

Dreame is my go-to gift for friends and family.  I co-created a stunning art piece with Cheng Chen in China for my boyfriend and one with Giovanni in Curacao, Caribbean for my mum that moved her to tears! I have also gifted myself a few Dreames... the latest being my 30 goals for my 30th birthday. 



Omri Baumer, boston

I love my Dreame I-phone case. I wanted something to symbolise me travelling and helping others innovate. I am flying on a paper plane. It's unique, with me all the time and a great conversation starter.