Is a collective of co-creators; with hundreds of artists and thousands of dreamers from around the world so far. The dreamers have shared stories, memories, fantasies, songs, quotes and dreamy musings of their imagination. The artists have transformed their words into art.

Dreame connects between the dreamers and artists and prints each customised artwork on multiple surfaces including yoga mats, phone cases and framed prints.

 Inspire art. Create art. Hold art.

 Your Life Is Art.

Danny Gaynor, Portland

Dreame is phenomenal. I commissioned this killer custom piece because I: A) grow tomatoes B) like space and C) live in Oregon. Also a great gift opportunity.  

happybirthDay (2).png

Anna Morgan, BRooklyn

Dreame is my go-to gift for friends and family.  I co-created a stunning art piece with Cheng Chen in China for my boyfriend and one with Giovanni in Curacao, Caribbean for my mum that moved her to tears! I have also gifted myself a few Dreames... the latest being my 30 goals for my 30th birthday. 



Omri Baumer, boston

I love my Dreame I-phone case. I wanted something to symbolise me travelling and helping others innovate. I am flying on a paper plane. It's unique, with me all the time and a great conversation starter.


Create a one of a kind artwork for a one of a kind individual; ourselves or a loved one.


"We often have emotions for which we don’t have the words, like that first moment of having your lips touch someone else’s lips or the single word to express the feeling of holding your grandchild. Then, there are strange and lovely words in other languages that can’t be translated. Sometimes, these are words for feelings we’ve felt but never been able to name and sometimes, they are words for feelings that we might have never felt. Dream with me, please.”

Lalin Anik

"Dream Variations by Langton Hughes To fling my arms wide In some place of the sun, To whirl and to dance Till the white day is done. Then rest at cool evening Beneath a tall tree When night comes on gently Dark like me—— That is my dream! To fling my arms wide In the face of the sun, Dance ! Whirl! Whirl! Till the quick day is done. Rest at pale evening… A tall slim tree… Night coming tenderly, Black like me." 

Sylvia Smouha

Inspiring ourselves daily with our dreams.

Now we can decorate our daily accessories with our passions, inspirations and stories.

 Dreame Yoga Mats inspired by favorite places, moments, future visions for oneself & quotes. Create yours here:  http://www.dreame.me/site/yogamats.php

Dreame Yoga Mats inspired by favorite places, moments, future visions for oneself & quotes. Create yours here: http://www.dreame.me/site/yogamats.php

Richard's Fantasy

Linh Doh's Dream

Creating with our imaginations.


We are all creators and dreamers. Let’s explore the depths of our imaginations. Expressing our true selves is also healing and cathartic.


"I was running from/trying to escape something with a group of people, some of their faces were familiar, others were not. It was dark and we were frantically making our way through a series of obstacles (land and water). I don't remember much of the land obstacles but they were abstract. The majority of what we had to get through were big bodies of water. A person (not familiar) was carrying me at the head of the group through much of it. We would have to just into the water, swim, climb through things, sometimes we would find an old boat that we could travel in through sections of the water. Everyone was scared but were were able to laugh every now and then. We were talking almost the whole time too. The water was filled with sharks and other huge creatures. *my knowledge of sharks was extensive" 

Chloe Simmons

"Characters were me and the rest of the humans on this planet. We were located in the valley somewhere. We were walking around at night, and then all of the sudden Google projected the stars in the sky, their names, their meaning, and other space calculations in the sky so that the planet could better understand math, science, and space. It was after dark, and the sky was glowing with information. We were feeling smart and in awe that something could project that far into the sky."

Kimberly, Innovation Endeavors  

I'm walking through endless palm trees on smooth white marble. There is a waterfall in the distance and a full moon in the sky.


Joseph Potischman

"Talent can pop up anywhere in the world; it is not just one city block". Niklas Zennstrom. "I read this quote and the first thought that occurred to me is what is talent? What makes people different. In my point of view talent is imagination; no matter where are you from in the world, it is all about how far you will imagine and work with your imagination and make things simply different."


Inspiration comes in all sorts.


In the 17th century, commissioning of art was limited to portraits. Kings and queens were posing on their luxurious chairs next to their beautiful libraries. Today anyone can commission an artist with any source of inspiration such as a quote, song lyric, memory, vision, bucket list, emotion, REM dream and more.


The dream is about a really good party that takes place on the moon with strange people that are very happy and there is music and dancing and you can see earth far far away. Feel free to go wild.

Assaf Merchavi

"A a farewell present I want to give to my manager.  I want this painting to represent my appreciation for his guidance and for his believing in me, sometimes, even more than I believed in myself. I want it to represent the duality of being a guiding mentor, while providing me with full freedom and independence.  I mostly loved your black&white paintings (less the blue and red). It should be "soft" and pleasant, "rounded" with no "sharp edges".

Limor Lahiani

“I am a slightly obsessed massive fan of David Bowie. A piece of art based on one of his songs (and one of my favourites) would be fantastic: Sound & Vision. Here are the lyrics: “Don’t you wonder sometimes about sound and vision Blue, blue, electric blue That’s the colour of my room Where I will live Blue, blue Pale blinds drawn all day Nothing to do, nothing to say Blue, blue I will sit right down, Waiting for the gift of sound and vision And I will sing, waiting for the gift of sound and vision Drifting into my solitude, over my head Don’t you wonder sometimes about sound and vision”. 

Barbara Muehleisen

Today art can be anywhere


Dreame prints art on a range of surfaces; from yoga mats to pillow cases to eye masks to socks. We choose. 


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