The Big Dream

It sometimes feels as if cynicism is trendier than dreaming and that the word ‘dream’ doesn't fit the current zeitgeist's  lexicon. What would Salvador Dali or Martin Luther King say to the anti-dreamers? 

Every second song has the word dream, we dream in all hours of the day & night and collectively many of us have the  same dreams. 

While not all dreams come true and there have been many mistakes since its birth, Israel as a country has evolved in a  dream like way. It is one of the younger and smaller countries in this world with a lot to be proud of; from the agricultural and technological to the cultural and social developments. While we can choose to be cynical about the future, the  option of dreaming big is slightly more appealing. The Big Dream became a creative pursuit to articulate just how bright  this future can be. 

The project brought together a collection of 500 dreams of coexistence, culture, environment, peace and freedom. Dreame commissioned incredibly talented & imaginative Dreame artist Amit Trainin to transform these dreams into one artwork.

“Look outside your window. What are your dreams for Israel in 2048?” was the question posed. These dreams were   illustrated into one artwork which includes Venetian inspired water tunnels in Jerusalem, cloud factories generating rain  in Haifa and an Express Line to India traveling throughout the Middle East. The artwork was initially presented as a 1400 m² installation in Rabin Square; the first artwork in the world to be puzzled together out of yoga mats.

Rain actually fell out of the sky when the first mat with a cloud on it was laid out. The dreams were coming true.

It was not only one of the largest artworks ever created, but also one of the largest crowdsourced artistic projects in terms of the number of dreams collected. 

Once the installation was puzzled together, thousands came to meditate and practice yoga on the artwork. It was communal in how it was inspired, built and practiced on. Today each of the 1500 mats are all over the country; with a piece of the artwork with their individual owners who are reminded daily of the The Big Dream.

Now The Big Dream plans to go global envisioning the future of cities and countries worldwide. 

To participate with a dream for The Big Dream in 2018 or to get a mat or artwork click here:

Some videos:

 creation of the artwork

 the installing of it 

 the animation